A Virtual Experience: The Aesthetic BOOM – Are You Ready?

Wednesday, May 13th 11:00AM EST – 1:30PM EST

The Aesthetic BOOM – Are You Ready?

The medical and aesthetic landscape is more intertwined than ever.  Now is the time to make critical decisions to protect and improve the profitability of your practice. Join Dr. Dianne Quibell of MDTLC to learn how she broke free from managed care and took control of her future. Dr. Quibell will also be opening up her playbook to share with you the best technology to choose when first getting started so that you avoid the mistakes she made.

Discussion Topics:

  • Managed Care to Aesthetics – Why Now?
  • The Aesthetic Bridge Program through Cynosure
  • Versatility for Your Practice with Icon & TempSure
  • Transforming Your Practice with Marketing Support
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Dr. Dianne Quibell

Dr. Dianne Quibell

Dr. Dianne Quibell, MD is a Board-Certified Internist, World Renowned Cosmetic Laser Surgeon, and Aesthetic Physician. She is the Vice President of the American Board of Laser Surgery (since 2008) and Fellow of The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. Dr. Quibell has lectured nationally and internationally since 2001 and is also Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. She has privately trained over 500 clinicians in aesthetic laser procedures, BOTOX®, fillers, and laser assisted lipolysis. She teaches over 25 courses a year in the same fields. Dr. Quibell has personally had every treatment offered at MD TLC, and she can confidently attest to the procedures and results.

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